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Global Business Reviews exists to assist you in shaping and improving the world. We accomplish this by providing you with a robust, open-to-all review platform via which you may share and discover experiences, as well as connect with businesses to assist them in improving.

All we ask is that you respect and adhere to these principles (together with our Terms of Use) in order to assist us in maintaining Global Business Reviews as a collaborative and trustworthy space for everyone to enjoy. We appreciate your participation – together, let us upgrade the planet!

When is it appropriate to write a review?

You may leave a review if you have recently had an authentic experience.

Reviews provide an opportunity for you to share your experiences with others and provide feedback to businesses. We believe that all encounters, large and small, are worth analyzing - whether they involve a phone conversation, an online order, a visit to a local store, or any other interaction with a company's products or services.

Simply keep it current by writing about an event that occurred within the last 12 months. While your tale of purchasing machinery in the 1980s is interesting, it is less relevant for consumers interested in boombox in high-tech audio goods nowadays. When you offer recent experiences, you give other readers a sense of how a business is currently running. Additionally, businesses receive essential, up-to-date Feedback. Discover who is eligible to write a review and when.

Avoid writing a fabricated or slanted review.

Make up an experience or write a review for someone else – leave that to them. And you should avoid reviewing a firm if you are closely affiliated with it, work for it, or are in competition with it.

Maintain documentation of your experience.

Maintain evidence demonstrating your interaction with the company (e.g., a receipt, order confirmation, or screenshot of your online customer interaction), as you may be requested to authenticate your experience.

Have a pleasant time

We expect you to contribute respectfully to our platform. Therefore, be a gentleman and avoid being a jerk. Post nothing that is damaging, inflammatory, discriminatory, defamatory, or vulgar. Additionally, refrain from lying, bullying, blackmailing, threatening, or engaging in any criminal activity.

Here are some recommendations for writing an excellent review.

What constitutes defamation?

That one is difficult to describe. As a platform that sits between consumers and businesses, we must strike a balance between competing responsibilities: we want to allow everyone to share their story (whether positive or negative), but we are also required to remove words and statements that are likely to cause serious harm to someone's reputation or financial loss to a business.

The most effective reviews describe what occurred and allow readers to develop their own opinions.

We do not intervene in disagreements between a reviewer and a business regarding what occurred. Global Business Reviews is a platform for consumer reviews; it is neither a regulatory body nor a court of law.

Maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information

Your reviews are publicly available. That is why including your own sensitive or personal information is never a smart idea, and it is never acceptable to include someone else's. We are talking about personal information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses, as well as anything else that could be used to follow, identify, contact, or impersonate someone. We want to ensure that your privacy and safety, as well as the safety of others, are respected and protected.

Verify the domain you are examining.

You would be amazed how frequently people submit reviews for Company A on Company B's profile page (believe us, we frequently hear about how much people love or detest our non-existent delivery service on Global Business Review's own profile page!). Therefore, before you publish, please verify the company and country domains you are about to evaluate. This will prevent future headaches.

Your account

To submit a review, you must first create an account. As with your first kiss, you only receive one user account, which should be associated with a real person or a company. Your username, profile description, and profile image must accurately reflect who you are (please refrain from impersonating others) and cannot be damaging, hateful, discriminatory, defamatory, or obscene — because your profile is visible. To everyone! If you include something you should not, or if you create multiple accounts, we reserve the right to cancel your account(s).

Additionally, your user account must be associated with a legitimate, permanent email address in the event that we need to contact you.

Your review can be edited or deleted.

You own your review. That means you can always edit, update, or delete your review. You are invited to amend an existing review if you wish to include additional details about an experience.


While we support freedom of expression, some stuff simply will not fly. If a review is flagged as violating our policies, we may temporarily remove it and request that you make adjustments. We will give you the option to bring genuine reviews into compliance with Global Business Review's rules, allowing them to remain on the site.

However, if you abuse our site severely, we reserve the right to remove your reviews and/or block or terminate your account. If you remove your account, all of your reviews will be erased as well.

The final decision

These guidelines are merely that: guidelines. Please keep in mind that we have the last word on how these rules are to be interpreted and used, and we reserve the right to amend them at any moment. If you would like to learn more about how we operate in greater depth, you're welcome to visit our Support Center.

Contacting us

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