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GBR provides a platform where companies can showcase their experience and be heard.


All reviews come from real people and companies, thus based on a real-life experience.

We practice appropriate safeguard and seek to encourage trust, in all parties involved.
Global Business reviews helps you find companies to work with.

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Use Global Business Reviews for

You can choose to write a verified positive or negative review about an organization and in turn help others to deal with them based on your experiences.

Competitor Analysis.

For benchmarking purposes, it is incredibly essential to analyse as to how one’s competitors are performing in the industry.

Client Investigation.

To safely and accurately assess your client's market position, one can decide based on the available reviews of other clients.

Company's Establishment.

One’s business's success is directly dependent upon the quality of their suppliers. Our platform helps you establish and grow your organisation exponentially.


Global Business Reviews helps you find companies to work with.

Global Business Reviews will make thorough efforts to help you decide as to why to deal with an organisation.
In an effort to make business dealings transparent, impartial and beneficial to all, we help connect customers and businesses that are best suited to each other.


Dependable. By Design.

All reviews are cross-verified with involved companies and only provable reviews are posted.


To be in sync with the vision of Global Business Reviews which is to enable businesses to deal with confidence and build transparency in the business ecosystem we ensure that reviews posted are genuine and trustworthy.


All reviews must be supported by requisite business documents i.e. invoice/PO, email communications, bank statements, etc. Our system is further strengthened by independent verification of all reviews by our team.


Our platform also allows businesses to market themselves by showcasing their range of products and services, thereby enhancing their business visibility and creating a brand.


More power to businesses.

Our platform is designed and optimized to help businesses make informed decisions in their business dealings based on reliable and meticulous reviews. This assists in knowing the clients' better and simplifying business conduct. Financial information offered by GBR for businesses also helps in understanding risk profile of the company in focus.

Global Business Reviews instills trust.

Aims towards transparent business dealings by offering impeccable reviews that bridge the gap between buyers and sellers.

Setting benchmarks for businesses.

We offer business reviews that gives leverage to businesses to make informed decisions and better carry out internal e-valuation process through these verified reviews.

Pivotal in standardizing business environment.

The platform of GBR standardizes business environments by providing reviews of each business, thereby acting as a driver for business dealings.

“Examine the feedback thoroughly and to your satisfaction & look for businesses completely suited to your demands and expectations. Secure the advantage of having the option to choose whether to work with a new company or knowing a known company.”

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